The Crucifixion of Christ, Rembrandt, 1631

St. Andrew’s Parish, Anglican Church in North America, Diocese of Quincy, Illinois

We are delighted that you have dropped by for a visit and we would love to meet you in person. St. Andrew’s Anglican meets at Concordia Lutheran Church in the West End area of Nashville.

Foremost we cleave to Christ. Our beliefs we describe as Trinitarian orthodox, our worship as High-Church liturgical, our love for one another and the world around us our mission and our honor.

A new chapter in St. Andrew’s one and a quarter century history commenced with St. Andrew’s celebrating Mass December 30th, 2012 at Concordia Lutheran Church, Nashville.

Having to move from our home on Woodmont Boulevard, daily masses were suspended. We look forward to a time when we can add more services at our temporary worship home at Concordia or at a new church location.ACNA_540x800

St. Andrew’s, with the help of its friends and the grace of God, remains excited about the plans God has for this small part of Christendom under the patronage of St. Andrew the Apostle.