What to expect

St. Andrew’s is a liturgical people; meaning, we use a form of worship and rites that reach back to the earliest days of the Christian Church.  You will hear beautiful music, chanted prayers, see candle-light and enjoy the holy smells of incense representing our prayers, “as a sweet aroma” rising to our Father in Heaven.

But, more than the way we celebrate our worship of God, we are a people decidedly focused on God’s amazing love to everyone.

When you visit us, you are not expected to kneel, stand, pray out-loud, or come forward for communion- you can join in at whatever level you are comfortable.  It is our honor that you are with us and we want you to enjoy the service and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, as you hear God’s Word. We have a Mass handout- that is easy to follow along with the order of service. When you come in just relax and know we are happy you are here. We usually start the service with personal prayer time in the chapel.

You will not be called on to speak in public, but we welcome you to fill out a guest card, so we can send you more information about St. Andrew’s.

We will not pop-up at your house to compel you to come back, but we hope that you come away with an understanding that we are here for you and if there is anything we can do to be of assistance; we hope that you will ask.

We celebrate “The Eucharist” or Holy Communion:  This is a sacred, holy and grace-filled meal where Jesus really and truly visits His people in the consecrated bread and wine.  If you are a baptized Christian (Baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and you understand that we believe that Christ is really and truly present in the Bread and Wine) you are welcome to come forward, at the time of distribution and partake of Holy Communion.

If you choose not to partake, please know that we care for you and we pray for your peace, in that one day we can all gather around God’s table together.  You are welcome to come forward for a blessing, as others come for Communion.  You are dearly loved by God and we pray you feel that love, for you, among us.

We are a people focused church- which means our main focus is  helping those in need- inside and outside of the church walls. We call this ministry on the margins; as we hope to be Christ’s hands and feet to those around us- reaching out in HIS love and grace.

If you have questions / comments / thoughts and you would like to speak with our Vicar, Fr. Dan is available to meet with you at any time.  Fr. Dan’s cell number is (615) 715-4963.

At St. Andrew’s; ALL are welcome & ALL means YOU!