As you know, the Corona-Virus is causing concern around the world and the virus has not spared Nashville and our surrounding area.   This is NOT a time to panic, but it is a time to be wise and vigilant about protecting ourselves and our community from further infection.   My daily prayer is that God bless you with His Holy Spirit to comfort and keep you during this difficult time, and we thank Him for His blessings of health and hope!
We are told, by the CDC and local authorities that good hand-washing and maintaining a proactive “social distance” will go a long way to keep from spreading the virus.   Those in ‘good health’ and those who do not have compromised immune systems will likely have little to no personal impact from the virus.  But, the virus can be quite serious to those who may have difficulty fighting off the bug: Those already fighting other illnesses, those with disabilities, people living in congregate living environments, those who live on the streets and some older individuals.    
First, I remind you to pray for those already infected with the virus.  May they be healed and whole!  

  • If you have friends / family who are infected, please alert the church so we can pray and possibly help with meals or pastoral care to these families.  

I also ask you to pray for the “first-responders” and those who must work daily closely with our neighbors and those likely to spread the virus:   Doctors, dentists, nurses, paramedics, direct-care workers, barbers, hair-dressers, all those who provide close personal care.  
And PLEASE know that if you are affected by the virus, personally or in your home OR if, out of an abundance of caution, you would rather not come out to attend Church; know that I would be honored to bring communion & the church’s blessing to you; and the Church stands ready to help in anything you may need.   

  • PLEASE alert the church ASAP (Call or email me or Dcn. Henry) if you know of any of our church family or friends who become infected.   

Lastly, “This too shall pass”!   Although this is a difficult and concerning time, our Heavenly Father is watching over us and, in Him, we have peace.   Take this time to reflect on the Cross of Jesus, all He went through for us to be forgiven and whole.   He has blessed us in His love so that we can carry that love to others. 
Take care of yourself, love and reach out to others and rely on the presence of God’s Holy Spirit to carry us through, to keep us safe and to give us the power to help others.

Please let me know if I can do anything to help you at this difficult time!  The church is here for you.Pax!Dan+