St. Andrew’s Anglican Mission

The Ancient Faith for a Modern People

“I began attending St. Andrew’s in 1990. The 1st time I walked in the door I was impressed with the sense of Holiness that was present in the building and in the people. I wanted to learn and experience more about this tradition of the Christian faith. It has been my privilege to have done just that. I thank God that St. Andrew’s was and is there as a witness to the ancient yet modern Christian Faith.” —Fr. Roger Allen+

“We like St. Andrew’s because the worship is God centered and not people centered.  The purpose of worship is to go out of self and to the great creator.”
—Bob Ahlschwede

“St. Andrew’s has been an anchor for me in my Christian Journey. It is a place I can trust that the Holy Scriptures are taught and lived by, where the Real Presence of Jesus is recognized in the bread and wine and where worship is first and foremost the center of life.” —Anne Ross